Eric Turner, PhD


I'm a software engineer who enjoys hiking, pencil sketching, and overly cerebral scifi movies.

Photo taken in a hike in the San Francisco Bay area in June 2016.

I received my Ph.D. at the Video and Image Processing Lab at U.C. Berkeley. Specifically, my thesis focused on indoor modeling and surface reconstruction.

Using a backpack-mounted system equipped with cameras, laser scanners, and internial measurement units, we reconstructed virtual models of indoor enviornments:

The output of this system can be modeled in various levels of detail:

Wide-view of a small model of our office area.

Close-up of my cubicle in this model.

The hallway outside our offices.

A low-resolution version of the same hallway.

Here's an interactive version with one of the simplest models. This represents a single conference room in my building, with rows of chairs and a table at the front.